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Our office was established in its initial form back in the mid-sixties, a time when in order to register a vessel under the flag of any State, a lawyer needed to actually travel to that State. The founder of our office Mr. Paul Avrameas has been a pioneer of the shipping activity in the port of Piraeus and he is a leading figure between professionals with high specialization in shipping.

     Through the years, our office was joined by a number of professionals with high specialization not only in shipping but also in a great number of areas of the business and commercial activity of our times, such as aviation, banking and finance, insurance and international trade, showing deep respect to the long tradition of the office but also expanding to new fields of legal interest.

     This long tradition and the high specialization and expertise of our professionals, together with their deep devotion to their work, their professionalism and the confidentiality displayed by all members of our office, from partners to associates and assistants, have led through the years our clients to have absolute confidence and trust in our office and professionals, knowing that they get legal support and services of an exceptional quality.